sabine schweigert

communication consultancy – pr – photography


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Sabine Schweigert and her German and Italian team based in Erlangen and Milan provide marketing communication, PR and media relations.

Our International clientele (from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Lebanon, China, Japan etc.) counts on the flexibility of our services, team and subject areas. Solutions are tailored to fulfil both aims and budget constraints.

For corporate and product communications we develop integrated marketing concepts and related tools.

As temporary services or integrated in comprehensive assistance, we provide professional copywriting for editorial, advertising, marketing and other purposes. Translations in English, German and Italian are handled in house.

Media relations can be developed on an International scale or be focused on single areas. According to specific strategies, we address B2B and / or B2C media. An International network of partnering agencies is ready to support our activities.

Sabine Schweigert and her team offer digital pr and community management reaching new media, social networks and ugc platforms.

We believe in the power of PR, interpersonal relations and the value of every single person and contact. Our connections are contiuously cultivated and help our clients to increase the opportunities for fruitful interaction.

Furthermore, we organize fairs and events, handle related communication and PR and assist our clients in all details before, during and after.

An insight into professional product and industrial photography, portraits, architecural and interior photography by Sabine Schweigert is given at this link.